Carlia Masa

Group Fitness Instructor

My name is Carlia Rae Masa, and I am a Zumba Instructor at Elite Fitness! I also graduated from Loyola University Chicago, Class of 2016. I majored in Psychology, Pre-Medicine, and minored in Spanish. I am currently applying to medical schools along with working at a dermatology office as a medical assistant/medical scribe.

I have been into playing sports and dancing since I was 5 years old.. Basically, fitness has always been a part of my life!

I realized that the best catharsis or mental release is physical fitness. For me, working out is the best way to rejuvenate myself and start fresh! Whenever I feel like I am having an off day or if I am plain tired, I usually push myself to go to the gym to restart. There is never a time that I leave the gym not feeling accomplished. I love that I can feel the work I am doing in the moments that I work out. I used to be on the poms team in high school, and overtime, I found that I was missed choreographing routines and dancing, so I thought, “why not try Zumba instructing?!” So far, Zumba has been a fantastic outlet for me. Now I get to boogie 2 days a week with members that seem to love to dance and work out, too! It is also such an energizing class!! I am always so refreshed after my classes, and I cannot wait to add more routines and dance moves as my time at Elite goes on.

When asked- When you are not working out you could be found doing?
Carlia, said, “reading a book with a nice cup of coffee”
Come and dance with Carlia Wednesday evenings at 5:45p and Thursday mornings at 8:30a.