Inline Hockey


Our Adult League is comprised of over 55 teams that participate.  We have house teams available for individual players or you may bring in an entire team.  Team fees are discounted due to being managed and organized by a team captain.   Adult leagues are available Monday-Thursday. Start dates of each league night cycle every 11-12 weeks.

  • Individual (house team) – $170.00 paid in full
  •  Team Fee (Paid in full) – $1200.00 due week 1
  • Team Fee (Payment plan) $675.00 down, balance by week 2

Click the link below to download and print a copy of your team roster. A completed roster with all player information is REQUIRED prior to week one.



Monday- Novice/Lower/Middle

Tuesday- Lower


Thursday- Lower/Middle/Upper


Players must be 16 years of age or older with a maximum of 12 skaters per team and 2 goalies.  A waiver must be signed in person by a parent or legal guardian for any player under 18.  A photo I.D. is also required.

Captains Responsibilities

Each “team” must select a captain/team manager.  The captains main responsibility is to be the contact person for the league director to communicate with.  They are responsible for relaying all information i.e. league rules, game schedules, suspension, etc. to their teams.  Players direct all questions through the team captain, not the director.  With over 400 players the director only oversee’s house teams.  Additionally, a captain is responsible for collecting all league fees from players and providing the MPX with payment in full or the payment option available.

League and teams are always forming

Roller Hockey helps develop stick handling, vision, stamina & overall game. Our youth program is training and practice time on the rink for the kids to become better players.  Our coaches love the game and truly enjoy working and teaching the kids.

Days & Fees

Our program is held on Tuesday & Thursday nights from 5:00 – 6:15 pm. We will offer 2 summer sessions which begin June 6th & July 26th (bye Tuesday for 4th of July).  The cost for participation is $120 for  Ages: 13U  Registrations are now underway, so stop in to reserve your spot.


Helmet with cage, hockey roller blades (no brakes), stick, gloves, elbow & shin guards.

Wed 4:45-6:15pm- Cost – $8.00, Goalies free

Do you want a pick-up game? If so, players can come in for RAT Hockey.  With 90 minutes of play the 1st 24 skaters will take the rink for a pick-up game.

Rules for all RAT hockey:

  • Doors open at 4:45pm (no sooner)
  • Full Equipment required-ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Minimum of 10 skaters
  • Maximum of 24 skaters, first come, first serve basis
  • No advanced reservations
  • Must be 16 years of age or older
  • Shower facilities are NOT available to RAT hockey players

No referees are on duty and participation is a play at your own risk activity.  Megaplex is not responsible for any injuries incurred during Rat.

Periodically MPX will host tournaments for teams to register to participate.  With teams from all over the Chicagoland area and midwest there is nothing like this experience.  

What if I don’t have a team? We have registration for house teams on various nights as well as teams that are looking for additional players.  Please contact kim@megaplexcenter.com with your contact information and she will assist you with your options.


Youth Arena Football


MPX Youth Arena Football allows football players the opportunity to continue their development in their sport with a second season of football. 

Widgets (11 on 11): 8 & 9 yrs. – Limit 90 lbs. / 100 lbs. (Heavies)

Peewees (8 on 8): 10 & 11 yrs. – Limit 110 lbs. / 115 lbs. (Heavies)

JV/Lights (8 on 8): 13 & Under – Limit 130 lbs. / 140 lbs. (Heavies)

There is a maximum of 6 Heavies per team and are restricted from ball handling..

MPX offers house teams for players who would like to play however do not have a team participating.  Each year we field two widget teams , two peewee teams, two lightweight . All MPX teams compete against outside organizations as well as each other.  
Registration cost for MPX house teams (only)Widgets $200 –  for 8 games and 12 weeks of practice twice per week.

Upper Divisions $300 – for 9-10 games and 14 weeks of practice twice per week.

How can I locate the closest town participating to me? Contact Chris@megaplexcenter.com and she will assist you in locating a team closest to you.

What is arena football? Arena football is tackle football that is played indoor on a 50 yard field.  It is played with an 8 on 8 format with upper division teams and 11 on 11 with the widget division.

What equipment do I need? Practice pants & jersey, gym shoes, girdle & mouth piece.

When do we get the game schedule? Game schedules do not get posted until mid-February.  This is when all participating teams submit their final rosters.

How many players on a team? The widgets rosters have a maximum of 27 players and upper divisions have a maximum on 24.

When is registration? Registrations vary for each organization but our house team registrations is the 3rd week of September.

How can I bring in a team?  To inquire about registering a team please contact Chris@megaplexcenter.com

Facility Rental


The MPX features one (1) turf field year round while in our prime season (January-May) we convert our rink to a second field on weekends to accommodate teams.   The NORTH FIELD is: 185′ X 85′, WITH walls. The SOUTH FIELD is: 185′ X 85′, WITHOUT walls. Our fields are available to organizations for training a variety of sports such as soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse and arena football practices.


Rates vary based on many variable factors.  Both prime and non-prime rates are available and discounts apply based on total number of hours purchased.

Our rink is known as one of the best and fastest in the Midwest. It’s an official regulation size of 185′ X 85′ fully enclosed with beautiful clean tempered glass and has been chosen to host the Midwest Collegiate Inline Roller Hockey Tournament for the past seven years.


Our Inline hockey league teams are discounted for team practice at $85 per hour.  Advanced scheduling is required and all skaters must be a league player.

Join the other schools, Churches & Organizations who choose us to host their field trips, outings and fundraisers. Set up a trip based on academics, good behavior, or for no other reason than to simply have fun. With so many activities available for kids and adults, we are confident that everyone is sure to have the time of their lives!

Roller Skating

The MPX opens it’s doors to the public once a week for open roller skating.  With music, disco lights, arcade game,  & a concession stand… you and your family are bound to have fun!

Due to our Inline Hockey League our open skate hours are only available on Friday nights.


Friday nights- 6:00 pm-9:00 pm until May 26th.  Closed for summer months.

Admission Policy:

All patrons must pay a $7 admission fee at the front door.  An adult chaperon (non-sk8ing) is free. Once admission is paid, there are no refunds.  Must be 11 & older without a parent.


We offer both roller skates & roller blades for skate rental for a $3 fee.  Personal skates are allowed however must be shown at front desk for brakes.  Black brakes are not allowed on the rink and are required to be covered with tape.


• Report all conflicts and safety concerns to the staff.
• All customers are expected to dress in an appropriate manner.
• No “in and out” privileges or loitering around the building.
• Outside food and drink are not allowed unless it’s a bakery purchased item with a scheduled party package.
• Skates may not to be worn into, or out of, the building.
• No offensive language or gestures are acceptable.
• Non-s8ting Adults accompanying children may enter as a spectator at no charge.
• For safety, hats, headgear, head sets, Bluetooth and sunglasses may not be worn while roller skating, This also extends to loose items (for example; shoes, cell phones, video cameras, stuffed animals, food, or beverages).
• Loose clothing draped or tied around your neck or waist cannot be taken on the skating floor.
• The following things may not be done during our sk8ting sessions; jumping, fast or reckless skating, weaving, zigzagging, sk8ting opposite directions, cutting threw center of rink or practicing roller derby moves through traffic.
• No pushing, shoving, racing, chasing or playing tag on the skating floor or in the building.
• Please keep moving on the skating floor. Please do not stand and chat along the walls.
• Do not pick up and/or carry anyone while you are wearing skates.
• Sitting on or jumping over the walls not allowed.
• No gum in the building.
• All food and drink must stay in the concession area and are not allowed anywhere else in the building.
• You must wear skates to be on the skating floor except when assisting a beginner sk8ter and you and child must remain in the middle of the floor.
• No alcoholic beverages/drugs, anyone under the influence or weapons will be allowed in the building.
• Sitting on laps or showing excessive affection will not be allowed.
• We reserve the right to refuse service.
• For any witnessed or reported behavior issues we will suspend or ban children from using our facility & expect that your child be picked up immediately. Management will thoroughly investigate all issues and make the final decision if there will be a temporary or permanent suspension.

Come out for a day of Skating fun with your students, sports teams, clubs or congregation. With group rates available at discounted prices, skate rental options and food packages. 


DELUXE-PACK (for 10 people)

• Two-Hour party 12-2 pm on Saturday
• Admission and Skate Rental for 10 people
• Hot dogs & chips
• Two Pitchers of Soda
• Reserved table(s) for guests
• Balloon Bouquet
• Place Settings (Plates, Napkins, and Cups)
• 2 complimentary adult guests are free!

$164.95* + tax
$14.45* each additional
50% off admissions for non-skating adults, only $3.00

MEGA-PACK (for 20 people)
• Two-Hour party 12-2 on Saturday
• Admission and Skate Rental for 20 people
• Hot dogs & chips
• Four Pitchers of Soda
• Party Popcorn
• Reserved table(s) for guests
• Balloon Bouquet
• Place Settings (Plates, Napkins, and Cups)

$279.95* + tax
$13.99* each additional
50% off admissions for non-skating adults, only $3.00
2 complimentary adult guests are free!


Don’t let the weather ruin your reunion.  Let us host your family reunion with tons of activities available for all age groups.  Whether interested in roller skating, games on our turf field or basketball, there’s something for everyone!

Enjoy our commons area with T.V.’s, arcade games, plenty of tables for seating and concessions. Catering is also an option.

Choose MPX to host your next end of the year banquet event or team party with tons of activities available for all age groups.  Whether interested in roller skating, games on our turf field or basketball, there’s something for everyone!

Enjoy our commons area with T.V.’s, arcade games, plenty of tables for seating and concessions. Catering is also an option.