Upper Division

Lower Division
1)Imperial Storm
2)Bardown Benders
3)Just The Tip
5)Goon Squad
6)Top Cheddz

August 28th Week 1
Goon Squad 2-4 Top Cheddz
Just the Tip 12-1 Bardown Benders
Avermans 6-3 Imperial Storm
Moose 14-11 Biohazard
BYE Chiefs,Demons,Venom

September 4th LABOR DAY BYE*

September 11th Week 2
Avermans 7-4 Bardown Benders
Moose 5-7 Venom
Goon Squad 3-6 Imperial Storm
Chiefs 4-8 Demons
Top Cheddz 3-5 Just the Tip
BYE Biohazard

September 18th Week 3
6:30 Just the Tip vs Top Cheddz
7:20 Bardown Benders vs Imperial Storm
8:10 Chiefs vs Biohazard
9:00 Demons vs Venom
9:50 Avermans vs Goon Squad
BYE Moose

September 25th Week 4
6:30 Avermans vs Just the Tip
7:20 Bardown Benders vs Goon Squad
8:10 Chiefs vs Venom
9:00 Imperial Storm vs Biohazard
9:50 Demons vs Moose
BYE Top Cheddz

October 2nd Week 5
6:30 Avermans vs Top Cheddz
7:20 Imperial Storm vs Just the Tip
8:10 Bardown Benders vs Biohazard
9:00 Moose vs Venom
9:50 Demons vs Chiefs
BYE  Goon Squad

October 9th Week 6
6:30 Top Cheddz vs Goon Squad
7:20 Biohazard vs Just the Tip
8:10 Moose vs Chiefs
9:00 Venom vs Demons
9:50 Imperial Storm vs Bardown Benders
BYE Avermans

October 16th Week 7
6:30 Top Cheddz vs Bardown Benders
7:20 Imperial Storm vs Goon Squad
8:10 Avermans vs Biohazard
9:00 Chiefs vs Venom
9:50 Moose vs Demons
BYE Just the Tip

October 23rd Week 8 *PENDING*

October 30th Week 9 *PENDING*


Upper Division
1)Rum Runners
2)Junkyard Dawgs
7)Big Tony Thick Meats

August 15th Week 1
Legends (OTL)6-7 Nighthawks
Big Tony Thick Meats >
Velocity 13-2 Predators
Junkyard Dawgs 6-7 Rum Runners

August 22nd Week 2
Legends 7-1 Big Tony Thick Meats
Rum Runners 5-2 Predators (DH)
Predators 2-4 Nighthawks
Junkyard Dawgs 6-3 Velocity

August 29th Week 3
Legends 3-7 Rum Runners (DH)
Rum Runners 3-2 Nighthawks
Velocity 9-5 Predators 
Junkyard Dawgs 5-4(OTL) Big Tony Thick Meats

September 5th Week 4
Legends 5-3 Predators
Big Tony Thick Meats 0-6 Nighthawks
Junkyard Dawgs (DH) 3-9 Velocity
Junkyard Dawgs 5-2 Rum Runners

September 12th Week 5
Legends (DH) 1-9 Velocity
Legends 6-5 Rum Runners
Big Tony Thick Meats 1-12 Predators
Junkyard Dawgs (OTL)5-6 Nighthawks

September 19th Week 6
Legends vs Big Tony Thick Meats
Rum Runners vs Velocity (DH)
Velocity vs Nighthawks
Junkyard Dawgs vs Predators

September 26th Week 7
Nighthawks (DH) vs Legends
Nighthawks vs Predators
Big Tony Thick Meats vs Rum Runners 
 Velocity vs Junkyard Dawgs

October 3rd Week 8
Legends vs Velocity 
Big Tony Thick Meats vs Nighthawks
Rum Runners vs Junkyard Dawgs (DH)
 Junkyard Dawgs vs Predators


Middle Division
1)Sticks out for Harambe

Lower Division
2)Uncle JJs Muffin
6)Wyld Styllanz

August 16th Week 1
Hitmen 4-7 Whalers
Wyld Styllanz 5-13 Outlaws
No ReGretzkys 6-8 Fattys
Sticks out for Harambe 7-2 Wiseguys
Slapshot 7-5 Syndicate
BYE Uncle JJs Muffin

August 23rd Week 2
Hitmen >Forfeit No ReGretzkys
Outlawz 5-6 Wiseguys
SlapShot 11-4 Sticks out for Harambe
Uncle JJs Muffin 8-7 Whalers
Fattys 8-7 Wyld Styllanz
BYE Syndicate

August 30th Week 3
Sticks out for Harambe 5-4 Syndicate
Slapshot 10-7 Wiseguys
Fattys 5-11 Outlawz
Wyld Styllanz 10-0 Hitmen
Uncle JJs Muffin 5-4(OTL) No ReGretzkys
BYE Whalers

September 6th Week 4
Wiseguys 4-7 Syndicate
Outlawz 4-6 No ReGretzkys
Sticks Out for Harmabe 7-8 Slapshot
Uncle JJs Muffin 11-1 Hitmen
Wyld Styllanz 7-2 Whalers
BYE Fattys

September 13th Week 5
Sticks out for Harambe 4-5 Wiseguys
Syndicate 0-10 Slapshot
Fattys 8-6 Uncle JJs Muffin
No ReGretzkys 4-1 Hitmen
Outlawz 2-7 Whalers
BYE Wyld Styllanz

September 20th Week 6
6:30 Slapshot vs Wiseguys
7:20 Whalers vs No ReGretzkys
8:10 Sticks out for Harambe vs Syndicate
9:00 Uncle JJs Muffins vs Outlawz
9:50 Fattys vs Wyld Styllanz
BYE Hitmen

September 27th Week 7
6:30 Hitmen vs Fattys
7:20 No ReGretzkys vs Wyld Styllanz
8:10 Uncle JJs Muffin vs Whalers
9:00 Syndicate vs Wiseguys
9:50 Slapshot vs Stick out for Harambe
BYE Outlawz

October 4th Week 8
6:30 Slapshot vs Syndicate
7:20 Hitmen vs Wiseguys
8:10 Whalers vs Fattys
9:00 No Regretzkys vs Outlawz
9:50 Wyld Styllanz vs Uncle JJs Muffin
BYE Sticks out for Harmabe

October 11th Week 9
6:30 Sticks out for Harambe vs Syndicate
7:20 Wyld Styllanz vs Whalers
8:10 Sticks out for Harambe vs Wiseguys
9:00 Hitmen vs Outlawz
9:50 Wiseguys vs No Regretzkys
BYE Slapshot

October 18th Week 10
6:30 Hitmen vs Whalers
7:20 Syndicate vs Outlawz
8:10 Wyld Styllanz vs No ReGretzkys
9:00 Uncle JJs Muffin vs Fattys
9:50 Sticks out for Harambe vs Slapshot
BYE Wiseguys


Upper League
1)Konk 7-1-1
2)Wiseguys 6-3
3)O.G Lokos 5-3
4)Pelicans 5-4
5)Moneyball 3-4-2

Middle League
1)Troopers 6-3
2)Old School 5-4
3)Wild Bunch 5-4
4)Alpha Kings 4-5
5)Cobra Kai 4-4-1

Lower League
1)Practice Squad 2-5-1
2)Supertacos 2-6-1

July 20th Week 1
Cobra Kai 5-10 OG Loko
Wiseguys 7-6(OTL) Moneyball
Troopers 5-4 Old School
Pelicans 7-3 Wild Bunch
Supertacos 3-8 Konk
BYE Alpha Kings, Practice Squad

July 27th Week 2
Konk 5-2 Alpha Kings
Old School 10-6 Practice Squad
Cobra Kai 4-11 Wiseguys
Wild Bunch 5-8 Troopers
OG Loko 8-5 Moneyball
Pelicans 6-3 Supertacos

August 3rd Week 3
Troopers 6-3 Alpha Kings (DH)
Wiseguys 6-5(OTL) Konk
Old School 10-0 Alpha Kings
Moneyball >Forfeit Pelicans
Practice Squad 6-5(OTL) Supertacos
Wild Bunch 7-6(OTL) Cobra Kai
BYE O.G Loko

August 10th Week 4
Moneyball 3-6 Konk
Cobra Kai 6-0 Supertaco
Practice Squad (OTL)6-7 Alpha Kings
Wild Bunch 5-3 Old School
Wiseguys 4-7 Pelicans
O.G Loko 8-4 Troopers

August 17th Week 5
Supertaco 6-7 Troopers
Cobra Kai 4-6 Moneyball
Pelicans 3-5 Alpha Kings
Old School 3-5 Konk
Practice Squad 1-6 Wild Bunch
Wiseguys 4-8 O.G Loko

August 24th Week 6
Practice Squad 3-6 Konk
Alpha Kings 5-9 Wild Bunch
Pelicans 4-5 O.G Loko
Troopers 5-6 Cobra Kai
Moneyball 5-10 Wiseguys
Supertaco 2-6 Old School

August 31st Week 7
Cobra Kai 9-6 Wiseguys
Troopers 9-5 Practice Squad
Supertaco 3-2 Wild Bunch
Alpha Kings 6-3 Old School
Pelicans 6-4 Konk
Moneyball 5-2 O.G Loko

September 7th Week 8
Wiseguys 9-6 O.G Loko
Konk 7-2 Cobra Kai
Alpha Kings 2-6 Practice Squad
Old School 8-1 Troopers
Wild Bunch 3-2 Supertacos
Pelicans 8-2 Moneyball

September 14th Week 9
Pelicans 1-8 Konk
Practice Squad 3-5 Supertacos
Old School 5-3 Wild Bunch
Moneyball (OTL)2-3 Troopers
O.G Loko 5-7 Wiseguys
Cobra Kai 4-2 Alpha Kings

September 21st PLAYOFFS Week 1
6:30 Upper (4)Pelicans vs (5)Moneyball
7:20 Middle (4)Alpha Kings vs (5)Cobra Kai
8:10 Lower (1)Practice Squad vs (2)Supertacos
9:00 Middle (1)Troopers vs Winner of 7:20
9:50 Middle (2)Old School vs (3)Wild Bunch
Upper Byes (1)Konk,(2)Wiseguys,(3)O.G Loko

September 28th PLAYOFFS Week 2
6:30 Upper (2)Wiseguys vs (3)O.G Loko
7:20 Upper (1)Konk vs Winner of 6:30 (9/21)
8:10 Middle Championship Winner of 9pm (9/21) vs Winner of 9:50 (9/21)
9:00 Upper Championship Winner of 6:30 vs Winner of 7:20
9:50 Lower Championship Practice Squad vs Supertacos

Our Adult League is comprised of over 55 teams that participate.  We have house teams available for individual players or you may bring in an entire team.  Team fees are discounted due to being managed and organized by a team captain.   Adult leagues are available Monday-Thursday. Start dates of each league night cycle every 11-12 weeks.

  • Individual (house team) – $170.00 paid in full
  • Team Fee (Paid in full) – $1,200.00 due week 2
  • Team Fee (Payment plan) $675.00 down by week 1

Click the link below to download and print a copy of your team roster. A completed roster with all player information is REQUIRED prior to week one.

Hockey Roster

Any Questions

Contact Brendan via

Phone: 708.639.5607 


Monday- Novice/Lower/Middle

Tuesday- Middle


Thursday- Middle

Saturday&Sunday- Pending


Players must be 16 years of age or older with a maximum of 12 skaters per team and 2 goalies.  A waiver must be signed in person by a parent or legal guardian for any player under 18.  A photo I.D. is also required.

Captains Responsibilities

Each “team” must select a captain/team manager.  The captains main responsibility is to be the contact person for the league director to communicate with.  They are responsible for relaying all information i.e. league rules, game schedules, suspension, etc. to their teams.  Players direct all questions through the team captain, not the director.  With over 400 players the director only oversee’s house teams.  Additionally, a captain is responsible for collecting all league fees from players and providing the MPX with payment in full or the payment option available.

League and teams are always forming

Rat Hockey <

Wednesday 4:45pm-6:15pm
Friday 8pm-9:30pm

Player-$8 Goalies-Free

If you are interested in our upcoming Weekend League. Contact Brendan at 708-639-5607