Football is a sport of strength, agility, and emotion now let’s analyze a sports team and see the features of some of these high level athletes that make a great team.

To excel in the game of football, training is a requirement to fine tune one’s skills.  During a football players off season there needs to be emphasis on training speed, power, agility and strength.  Here at MPX there is NO off season for football!  We offer indoor football over the winter/spring for ones continued development with another season of the sport they love.  Additionally, you will find ongoing training programs with one of our trainers who specializes in Sports Training.

Football is associated with passion, emotion, excitement and dedication. References to extreme emotional experiences at football games characterizes all aspects of a fans experience — some referring to the ‘pure joy’ and exhilaration.

Football fans describe themselves as the ‘twelfth man’ — as essential to the success of the team as the players and coaching staff. It is the actions performed by fans during the game — the ritual chants, songs, banner waving, etc. — that motivates their team, intimidates the opposition, and perhaps even influences referees’ decisions. The fans truly believe that their actions ‘help the team to win’, not just to observe the event.