“I am a prime example of getting back in the gym hardcore and stopping a couple weeks in when I don’t see quick results, but now that’s history!  I joined MPX Elite in January & I have never been so consistent in my life with workouts, no excuses this is all thanks to Lori! Lori has been training me for months & pushes me to limits I never thought possible!  Her training goes beyond the week, if I ever have any questions about workouts or nutrition she is there for me.  My favorite part is I am not alone, she’s right there with me to help me be healthiest version of me! I am so appreciative to MPX Elite for providing me with such an amazing trainer!” Mai


Group Training Class Descriptions:

Energy Burst- 50 minutes of Resistance based Total-Body Conditioning, Designed with Resistance Training Intervals. This will push your muscles to the next level of shape and tone while your body burns fat. Learn proper form while you burst your energy up for the rest of the day! Burn longer all day even while at rest! (TRX, Weights and Bands)

Just Lift- 50 minute Weight Training. Light to Heavy/Heavy to light, with a Focus on different muscle groups each workout, to help Build lean muscle, sculpt and define your body.

Private Session

You’ll learn what’s really important and what’s not. You’ll learn to trust yourself & gain confidence and an awareness of your body. Tap into the potential within yourself.

Our trainers will get you where you want to be in the least amount of time.  Invest in yourself…you’re worth it!

Cycle Class Descriptions:

Mega Ride- 30/ 30. After an action packed 30- min on the bike, you’ll be lunging, planking, pushing, and stretching to a leaner and more fit you. 30 minute on the bike, 30 min mixed resistance, pilates, yoga and stretch.

Cycle Flex- Pedal, climb hills, lift weights, and sprint your way to burning calories, enhancing cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength with this 45 minute interval workout of 4 minutes on the bike and 4 minutes off!

Rhythm Ride- From intervals, sprints, to long climbs, the motivating music and the challenge will make you sweat and test your body for a full 45 minutes ride.

Personal Training

Many people find that when working with a trainer they achieve faster results.  Whatever your goals, personal training can provide you with discipline, motivation but most importantly knowledge. Together, you will work toward one common goal…YOURS.

Our fitness professionals are continuously using the newest & most innovative training methods available.  Current studies indicate that Functional training methods had a 58% greater increase over the fixed-form group (standard weight machines).  Functional training methods mimic your day-to-day activities which uses many stabilizer muscles and peripheral muscles.